What is Salaretin®?

Salacia reticulata Wight (Celastraceae), known as Vairi or Pitika in Sanskrit, is a large woody climbing plant found throughout forests in India and Sri Lanka. In the vernacular, it is known as Ponkoranti (Tamil) Anukudu cettu (Telugu), Ekanayakam (Kannada), and Ekanayakam, Ponkoranti, or Koranti (Malayalam.). Like many Salacia species (Salacia prenoides, Salacia macrosperma, and Salacia oblonga), Salacia reticulata has been used as an oral antidiabetic agent by Ayurvedic practitioners. Based on extensive use of S. reticulata in Ayurveda, the roots, (commonly described as acrid and bitter) and the stems contain potent antidiabetic chemical constituents. Traditionally, an aqueous decoction of the roots of S. reticulata was prescribed for people with diabetes mellitus.

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